Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's A Pretty Purple & matches my bathroom!

Mom Central & Johnson's have asked me to try the new Listerine Total Care.
I really like it and not just because it matches my bathroom either!
But because you get all this:

Take advantage of 6 benefits in one mouthwash:
Helps Prevent Cavities
Restores Minerals to Enamel
Strengthens Teeth
Kills Bad Breath Germs
Freshens Breath
Fights Unsightly Plaque Above the Gum Line

**AND it doesn't burn your taste buds and mouth to a crisp**
I'll actually use it because of this. I didn't care for using mouth wash before, because I actually wanted to taste my coffee in the morning and not go to bed at night feeling like my mouth was going to explode.
And it doesn't hurt that it looks nice in the bathroom.
If you want to see all the really cool new stuff Listerine has or more about the Listerine Total Care go to

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Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

woooo. i love the fresh feeling but i can never swish as long as im supposed tooo lol.... most are to spiccccy!!-- like you said