Thursday, March 06, 2008


The Attorney called today. Our final adoption hearing is set for April 15! ...If the finger print cards come back in time. I just have to remember....they haven't had to reschedule one yet......since it started in January.
I think I see a light at the end of that tunnel.


Unknown said...

Go Girl! That's awesome!

Hey, if you get a chance, email me at want to hear more about the comment you left me on my blog tonight. The private adoption you were talking about...did you lose that child after FOUR years??? That scares me to death! (if you feel like sharing)

Love ya,

Anita said...

Go toward the light!!

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Finally!!!Were coming up on 2 yrs in the system,our wait has only just begun.

Anonymous said...


And thanks for entering the beach towel giveaway, good luck :)

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Delurking to say congratulations! I'm so excited for you!