Sunday, March 16, 2008


Let me explain before all you croc* lovin' people get all upset.

I come from the croc' point of view via my job. I knew crocs, when crocs* weren't cool. I know them as the ugly,clunky brown or grey hunks of super plastic that they were. Surgeons & scrub nurses wore them into surgery, well, so, ......well I'll just say it. ( don't be eating anything right now) so that blood and "other" things could be washed off your feet easy, cleanly & with no to speak. So you see, I associate crocs* with a whole "nother world. other than fashion.

So when they went "main stream" kinda like scrubs, I thought, oh gross, here we go again. If they only knew what "hospital" people thought every time they saw a 3 yr old with crocs* on. I always wanted to say," was it brain surgery or just a hip replacement?" I know, I'm mean like that.

Well, we went to the land of crazy, expensive, excessive mouse. and lo, and behold they had mouse crocs* complete with little mouse head cut outs instead of boring little holes and all. EVEN those little plastic "thingies" were all of the land of mouse.

Then The Boy, saw a pair, so little & cute & blue & expensive. and he CRIED. He loves shoes, and I don't mean loves, I mean BIG PINK FLUFFY HEART LUVVVs shoes, like his mommy, kind of loves shoes! So I had to shell out the money, but stopped at 1 mouse thingie,since they alone were 4.95 & I'm cheap like that. Well The Boy got his shoes, and by the way SLEEPS in them too. Well mommy saw a cute PINK pair and just for fun tried them on, since I never have even put a foot in them.

OHHHHH. MY. GOODNESS. They were so comfy. So I shelled out the money (and that hurt, let me tell you, it did, cause I'm cheap and all) but I only got one mouse thingie :)

So this is my confession. And I will never talk of it again.

I still think the same thing every time I see someone in crocs* HEY, YOU TAKE THOSE THINGS OFF AFTER SURGERY, YOU'LL TRACK GUTS EVERYWHERE! **CRAZY**


Susan said...

Too cute!

Anita said...

I know it! They are hideously ugly! But I own 4 pair! I don't think of the "gunk" though, I always just wonder when my friends will turn me in for a makeover on "What NOT To Wear".

Unknown said...

I think the same thing about these things! I broke down a few months ago and got my daughter a pair. They are so easy, and mud and marker come off of them,just like blood and guts. I saw a more "stylish" pair that looked like MaryJanes for myself and I really want them. They are over $30, but so comfortable, I am saving up for them!

Anonymous said...

Hysterical, and Anita had me laughing up there, too!