Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggy Giveaways Carnival: Winter '08 Edition

She is holding the net wide give away for 08. and I want to play along.
I will be giving away a grand grab bag of useful household and office must haves. 50.00 value.
The catch: Tell me what I can do to make the pickest toddler on the planet EAT! He turns his nose up at all meat, refuses PB&J (unamerican) AND MC D's happy meal (gasp, what's a mama to do?) he will only eat HOMEMADE MAC & CHEESE and spaghetti.and only when he feels like it and that's not often. And yes, I have tryed letting him go hungry. He doesn't care if he eats or not.
Contest ends 1/31/08
I need your comments!


Kelly said...

Hmm...All I'm coming up with are breakfast foods. Waffles, scrambled eggs, French toast. Sounds like you were looking for lunch/dinner options.

If think your little man is just over 2 but do you think he may venture out a bit more if he helped with meal prep? (maybe he does already) My little girl is much more willing to try different foods if she helped prepare it in some way.

I'm curious what other responses you'll get. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have one of these picky eater kids. 5 and a half years later, she STILL is the pickiest eater on the planet. Absolutely won't touch anything with sugar, nothing with any kind of gravy or sauce on it (other than spaghetti and mac-n-cheese...must be universal). She'll only eat a handful of different fruits (no melon or any berries), although she'll eat almost any veggie known to man. Odd, huh? She won't even eat bread if it has butter or mayo...has to have all of her bread absolutely plain, even if it's toasted. She hates ALL form of potatoes unless they're deep-fat fried. She loves salt, but of course, I can't let her eat chips all day. BUT, the kicker is that she also has ZERO appetite. I think she could seriously go for days without eating and not care a bit. (at 6 years old, she weighs in at a whopping 34 pounds...she clings tenaciously to the THIRD percentile for height and weight)

Our answer? We let her eat what she wants during the day as long as she makes an effort during family meals. (sometimes an effort is literally just a couple of bites) That sounds awful of us, but we've tried everything else, including cutting out all snacking. Nothing makes any difference to her appetite.

OH, the one thing that DOES sometimes work is to "race" her. She gets caught up in the game and kind of forgets that she's "not hungry."

One other thing you can try is the Sneaky Chef (if you want to try to hide meat and other nutritious stuff in his food...).

OK, I'm tapped. If anyone has a miracle cure for this, I need it, too!


Anita said...

ummm... does it help to make food in the shape of animals? Cut pg&j's into shapes with a cookie cutter for instance. Make snowman pancakes. I know--- The airplane! You know, "vroom!" Yes? Well, it works with Meek!

Good Luck, D!

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

D,I have had your blog saved in my faves since your Dec. post,and just click on it,and it always came up as the same post.No new posting.I left you a sarcastic comment on my blog,about not commenting if your not writing on your own blog!I was just playing,but feel like a goober.Glad to see your post/pics.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Ok I "posted" my contest entry idea at my blog,for Davids approval.Jill

"David's Sun,Moon and Stars Bento"

And remember this stage will pass.

Katy said...

well...that is quite a predicament!I don't know that I have much advice. Luckily...if my kids are hungry...they eat. I wish i could help you more!

KnittinChick said...

Use Jessica Seinfield's cookbook (one blogger is giving it away!). Otherwise, keep good notes and use them as fodder for first dates, wedding reception and embarassing moments. Good luck!

Allison said...

Hmm...well, it might not be much help, but you can get some extra protein in his diet by mixing an egg into the spaghetti. When you drain the water, crack an egg into is and stir it up quickly so it doesn't scramble. The heat makes it safe to eat and he'll never notice it in the sauce.

Or you can try what we did with my little sister - pretending something was the best thing we've ever eaten and then telling her she couldn't have it. The "gimme" gene in a toddler makes them want things just because they can't have it sometimes!

tasha said...

What, no MacDonalds?!? I have a 4yr old who doens't like Mac-N-Cheese -- talk about un-American,ha! I wish I could help, bt I'm in the same boat with my 4yr old AND my 7yr old.

Barb said...

You could do two things: Just feed him the mac/cheese. It won't kill him. He will survive. Or just ignore him, serve your family the food you prepare and if he eats, he eats, but tell him you're not making him anything special. If he starves, well, it sounds like he'll survive. I'd give it a day, day and a half. But it comes down to which battles are you prepared to fight and is this one of them?

Tracy DeLuca said...

My 2 1/2 yo is the same way. We give him gummy vitamins and protien water to drink. And go with the flow on eating. I have tried everything in the world to get this boy to eat. Nope. He is too stubborn. The dr had one good suggestion. When you give him food, give him tiny amounts. That way it is not overwhelming to them. It seems to help with my boy.

Good luck! And enter me to win! I will be checking back to see what other advice you get because I can use it too!

Stacey said...

OK well I have to tell you I can totally relate. My firstborn turns 9 on Friday and takes the prize on picky eating. His 1 year old sister eats anything and loves her veggies. My son, well his diet pretty much consists of Tysons chicken nuggets. I read the other posters comments on her daughter who is a small eater and could probably go days without food. Mine is the same. At almost 9 he weighs just barely 40 pounds. He is in the 5% and sister is in 99% - go figure!

Anyway, my husband and I use to argue about this and it made meal time very stressful for all of us, especially on my son. I would love to say that it will pass. In my case, my son has slowly started trying new foods. Having a baby sister who eats more variety has helped. He still likes all his meat plain and no sauce on his pasta, but he is at least trying to make an effort. He eats no fruits or veggies, unless you count fries or tater tots. He not a snacker at all, he is just a very small eater. Thank goodness for vitamins!

After many talks with his doctor about the unhealthy diet, she has assured me that it's normal for kids to have comfort foods. As they get older and become adults, their palates should expand. Just keep continuing to offer different foods to him. And don't make meal time a stressful environment. It only makes matters worse!

Good luck to you.

Leanne said...

I once had a VERY picky eater...could rival any of them. Would have me in tears at times. He's now 16, healthy and active...still a bit picky but NOTHING like he use to be. I've tried not to cook only to my kids likes otherwise we would never have anything interesting. Keep day they'll hate something and the next day they'll love it. (or vice versa). Try finger foods...raisins, peas, mandarin oranges, pieces of banana, dry cereal. Just don't get too stressed...thanks for the giveaway (

Perri said...

I'm the hardnosed one. No kid is going to starve themself.

Make a meal, set him down and tell him it's time to eat and this is what is being served. If he doesn't, don't give him any reaction. Just tell him there's no snacking and the next meal will be _______.

I'm thinking not too many meals will pass before he decides to eat.

msmelody said...

Our solution is a little different. My daughter has some food she will not eat, but others that she loves. Well, we give her just a few bites of the food she loves, then tell her, she gets more of the food she loves, when she eats a bite or two of the food she does not like. It works most of the time.

Not wanting to eat is not a major problem unless they go days. I do not create the chemical that tells me that I am hungry, so I can go weeks without wanting to eat.