Saturday, January 12, 2008


I am beside myself. I couldn't wait to tell you!
I received an email on Friday from the SW. Yes! an email of all things. Telling us that we would come in for the FIRST of the TWO adoption signings. Our state is different than the last state we adopted in I suppose. However circumstances were different 18 years ago too. and it was a private adoption. Maybe that is the difference.
anyway...... She emailed to say, we had a court hearing with the judge to see WHY nothing had been done on the adoption in 7 months since TPR and so miracle of all miracles the SW supervisor had our package ready to go and could we please come in and sign the papers after the court hearing. I'm sure it's no coinsidence it's on the same day. They can get up and say,"your honor we are signing the papers right after this hearing," thus saving them from some serious butt chewing. BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING, I WILL TAKE IT HOW I CAN GET IT!
Now many of you may already know, but this just means we are partially his guardians, but at this time they will also do the paper work for his name change. ( I know sore issue with some, but my baby, my rules) This will knock you for a loop, but our state also allows a change in what state he was born in to match where we live. Without benefit of medical ins,reimbursements, & child care pmt. (But HEY, that's OK) Now after our "signing" on the 25th, we have to find an adoption atty. and he has to do his magic (for a small fee of course) do the paper work, what's left, I do not know. and file it with the court and have it put on the court docket. and as some of you know, that standing in front of the judge takes exactly 5 minutes!
We waited 8 yrs with last one, went thru hades and back in that time, 3 states, 4 lawyers, and countless sleepless nights, and ALOT OF $. and when we finally flew from one side of the U.S to the other, and stood in front of him and we were out before we could take it all in. We felt ... well jipt. At that point I expected, the key to several cities, a band, banners, confetti and a small medal and maybe even a parade.
I just wanted to let you know we see our light at the end of this tunnel, and our boy will be our boy on paper soon. So on the 25th I expect I can post that big ole picture of him and brand spanking new name, it's been his name here for many months, so he would be used to it, he was never called by his "birth name' anyway, but a nickname picked up when we got him at 7 months.
I'm sure I've rambled and confused you enough. I just can't believe it's coming to an end slowly but surely now.


Perri said...

It can't come soon enough, I'm sure. I can't wait for the pictures!

Anita said...

D! I am soooo happy you are finally seeling that "light" at the end of the long long tunnel! I cannot wait to see pics of The Boy! Please be generous with them and give us a FEW pics, at least!

Unknown said...

Congrats, D! That's great news that they finally moved their rears and made some progress! Hooray for judges who want to know why the counties drag their heels so much!

Hugs, and can't wait to be formally "introduced" to your kiddo!


Anonymous said...

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Aloha ~ Kailani
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