Sunday, January 27, 2008


Here's a little surprise for my friend Pewee. She has the most amazing animals she crochets. When I saw the sock monkey she made, I knew David must have it to go with his "monkey coat" as he calls it. The rest of us probably calls it a bath robe. If you've never been to her blog, she funny, talented and waiting on her very own mini-meeks! Lucky kids. She's at


Anonymous said...

Again, just TOO cute, your boy!

Anita's the best, isn't she?!?! (love ya, 'Nita!)

Hugs, D!!!


Anita said...

That much cuteness in one place is unbelievable! "Monkey coat" is hilarious!!!

I'm glad he loves his stuffie! I love seeing kiddos lovin' on my creations!

Thanks for supporting me!