Saturday, August 11, 2007

When the Holy Spirit smacks you in the head!

We've been having a few "issues" with our youngest daughter. Too detailed and painful to go into. (just keep us in your prayers, He knows)
But as I stood making egg salad today, ( don't laugh, my life IS exciting). I was thinking/praying. God, if she would only come to me with a truely repentant heart and the right attitude, all would be forgiven. That's all it would take. Why doesn't she see that and swollow her pride?
and do you know what God said to me?"Yea, boy, don't I know! How many times do you think I've said that to YOU? You know, the the Holy Spirit sure has a way with words, that cut quickly to the bone.
I guess our relation ship with our Father mirrors that of ours & our children more closely than we give it credit most times.
I guess everyone needs a good slap from the Holy Spirit every once in awhile. Some of us more often than others.

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