Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am not a good mother
I do not live an exciting life
I can't spell
my kids & me are boring
my kids are not witty/smart
IIII am not witty/smart
I read too many blogs of perfect moms, or near perfect anyway
I depress easily after reading the blogs of perfect/witty/great cooks
however to be fair, I got a note home on one of my foster children who during nap time was making farting noises with his arms and got moved to RED! does classify as witty or sad?
I need to stop reading so many blogs. I can see when I start staying home full time to be a mommy, my days will be filled with too many blogs and not enough laundry/dinner.


Perri said...

You are witty and you are real. That counts for a lot in my book. When are you going to start staying home full time?

I am obviously not in the perfect cook category as every other picture of something I attempt is of how it turned out disasterous (is that spelled right?)

Quit being so hard on yourself. There's no way you can have a baby running around and not find something funny to write about!

D said...

perri, I love you.
your gift is encouragement, if you didn't know.
I'll be staying home as soon as the foster sys. wants him off "payroll", I suppose. His 30 days "come back for mom" is up Aug 31st, then it's a matter of getting the paper work and court date. You know the system, that could be 2 weeks or 2 yrs.

Heidi Kellems said...

One thing as people we have to realize....we are our own individuals. I am no where near perfect but I am available and that's what God wants/desires. You said "Your will be done" with this little guy. That's all God asks. I find that if I compare myself to Perri or anybody else then I don't see the strengths that God has given me. I would LOVE to be better organized like Perri but I also know WHO I am and have to separate my "inadequacies" from somebody else's strengths.

Anonymous said...

thank you Heidi,
you are always so full of wisdom. I don't think ANYONE can compare themselves to Perri. She makes me want to take vitamins by the handful and maybe a B12 shot once a week! :)
you guys are great!~
thank you both with all my heart

Believer said...

As a child of the MOST HIGH GOD, I would expect honesty, but where are your strengths. I encourage you to look in the mirror and start to visualize what God sees...a confident, competent woman who how has plenty of love and wisdom to give. Also, pray that God would increase the areas or struggles you need help with and He will give you what you ask. You already know that! :)

Thanks for stoping by my mommy blog! Growing with Julia