Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The HoHum days of a very HOT summer Here!

Please forgive the ramblings. I have so much going on, I don't know if I'm coming or going.
We got a new "addition" a couple of weeks ago. She 8 months old. and these little ones sometimes take the separation a little worse than the older ones. They have no idea what just happened to mom, grandma, or who ever the care taker might have been. So they do the only thing they know to do and that is cry. and CRY this one does. She's getting better. I sometimes wonder what's going thru their little minds as I sit rocking them, I know she knows I'm a stranger. Does she feel lost, alone, sad maybe? I know my grandson or new grandaughter would be devastated without my daughter, she is their world, no one can take care of a baby the way their mother does. (a good mother that is)
But of course I wouldn't have these babies if they had a mother like my very own pride and joy. (I'm sightly predjudise on that, but I did teach her a few mommy tips in her life. And she is a wonderful mommy, and my son in law a good daddy.)
I just wonder about "my babies" that come thru my house sometimes. I hope I'm doing a little good, until they find that family that wants them more than anything on earth or they make their way back to their birth parents.
The five yr old we have will break your heart, short story, had a foster to adopt familyfor a year! who said, ummmm, maybe not, put him back in the system. He's adorable and so very intelligent, I pray for a good,kind,loving home for this boy, who deserves so much more.
I have all these depressing fellings around these 2 in our home. But I loose track of the fact that God has given us our little boy, that TPR has been done on, we're waiting our 30 "come back days" and then just a court date to make him ours. NOw this is one loved little man, who I don't have to worry about finding a good Christian couple who will raise him to Love & serve God all the days of his life! But boy am I going to be old doing it. My saintly husband is more excited than I am.
Closer to adoption time I will unvail THE NEW NAME! Yes, we are changing his name, I know this bugs alot of people, including social workers.....but I don't care. We have our reasons.
and I will post a gen-u-wine, real Picture of the boy, when he becomes ours.
I think I've rambled enough tonight as to bore you have silly.
So I will go and prepare for the most awful experience in my life....getting 5 yr old off to public school. I praise God everyday for the means he has given us to send our baby (18 yr old) to private school. And pray we will be able to do the same for the big G boy when it's time.
I've opened all kinds of worms with some of these ramblings.......so bye for now and don't hate me. I have my reasons for all them.


Perri said...

I'm with you on all of them - we changed everyone's name but Wesley's and that was because he had the name I would have changed it to.

I have a couple who will take the newborn - how do I sign them up? Seriously. email me.

Heidi Kellems said...

Our children want to keep their names with the exception of their last name of course. I think the only thing I will probably change is switching my younger boy's first and middle names since we all call him by his present middle name anyway.

Hoping all goes well.