Thursday, August 16, 2007

OH, so healthy.....Oh, I'm so cheap......

In our decision to adopt this boy of ours, we decided maybe this go round we would try to establish some"healthy" eating habits in him (it's too late for us) He's knocking on 2, and just recently had his first taste of sweet tea! Yep, I know, I'm a good mommy. Hey, that is good, you know. My 25 yr old was chuging coke out of a baby bottle at his age. But I've gone to nursing school since then OK & got ahold of some common sence along the long way.
Anyhow, we decided organic, hormon & antibiotic free milk would be a good start. So start it we did. It's expensive! But hey, the little guy is worth it, that and not having him antibiotic resistant, and having a beard in 5th grade. So I come across this great deal on , (go see her if you haven't. She has THE BEST FREEBY OR CLOSE TO IT SITE, you've ever seen.) A great deal from Amazon on Horizon organic milk in little sippy boxes, not found in your regular grocery store/walmart. Free shipping and everything. (by the way, one of the pluses is it doesn't have to be refridgerated)So like a good mommy, I go there and buy 2 CASES. (it was a good sale, free shipping and all) So they deliver it yesterday and I so happily put some in the fridge for him and then I'm all like, "DRINK, DRINK LITTLE BOY, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!" AND HE DOES.
sO I go visit wantnot today as usual, as you never know what good deals she'll have. and there on the screen she's apoligizing for the "milk trouble" she'd caused because so many people had ordered. Apparnetly I am blind & stupid & can't read, because she said there on the box, it said " KEEP AT 80 F OR BELOW".
People, I live on the surface of the sun right now! well kinda, it's been 102 for days here. If you don't factor in how hot it got to be in that UPS truck, while he ate his lunch in the air conditioning at Waffle HOuse! Of course she said to call Amazon, and all would be well, and I did, and they did.
But now I sit here looking at 2 cases of very expensive milk and my only thought is,"Do you really think it would make him sick if he drank it? THAT is an awful lot of milk to throw out." Besides he drank some last night, before his blind mother to be knew of the big bold warning on the box.
Dang, I'm cheap.

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Perri said...

I hate it when a good deal goes bad. Nothing worse.