Monday, June 18, 2012

Reading Eggs

Who knew eggs could read! right?

I was looking around for something that could help The Boy not forget everything he had learned
this year in kindergarten. Like reading. Like all the 250 sight words I or I mean he worked so hard to learn. He likes to read books, but gets bored reading the same old books on his shelf over and over. And quite frankly starts to memorize them after a few times reading them, instead of actually READING them.  Those little reading books cost between $4-8. A trip to the library from the boonies where I live also costs a small fortune. So this is the alternative my frugal self found.     Reading Eggs is an Online Learn to Read Program
The site even gives a short placement test to see where to start your child out at. Even if your child is not yet reading, you can start from the very basics.
There are so many great educational things about this site, I don't even know where to begin.
Sight words, reading, word groups, counting, spelling, rhyming. It has everything that he ever brought home from school as homework.
Bonus: They earn golden eggs for each lesson completed. They can spend them playing some pretty cool games,which slip in a little education without them realizing it.
My only complaint it that it is evidently English as in England. The Boy was completely stumped on "a lamb in a pram" and "a man in a lift". In all fairness I helped him on those. I wouldn't have known what a lift was unless my Canadian friend Roz hadn't used the word and I asked,"Lift? lifted what, where?" He also had no idea what a Gay-Rog was either. At this point I did a brief explanation on accents and dialects. Also educational in it's own right. (Have you ever heard a southern explanation on how other people talk? Interesting and sure to hurt your feelings if you're not a southerner) They also use learnt instead of learned.
But I digress.
I really do find this the perfect summer time bridge so that everything I've paid to have him learn the last 9 months doesn't fall out of his head. 
Go,go. See if it's what you're looking for.

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