Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Our life is down right boring right now. The Boy and I just sit and wait for things to go right with the new house. I refuse to even think about the actual MOVING part right now. After 20 yrs of moving every few years...I am too old for this crap.
See that first picture? The love that boy has for that dog is the only think saving that 3 pound bladder of pee. I can not get that dog potty trained. I don't even make the thing go outside. I'd be happy if he made it on the pee pad! And by the way, HOW on earth can a dog that little, PEE it's own weight 17 times a day?
One day the boy got into my 5x7 cards, which would normally get him a stern talking to. (cause mama needs those to remember everything from grocery list to breathing.) When I ask him what he did with all of them, he showed me. He made about 10 of these and taped them to my bedroom wall (which would usually bring on a talk about not puting tape on the walls) But all he got was alot of hugs, a few tears and his own pack of 5x7 cards. And I may have told him that one day in the very, VERY far away future he will make an excellent husband & daddy.        

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Anonymous said...

we have a morkie and when she pees all over the house, she typically has some type of UTI...might wanna check that out. But on the other hand...yorkies are hard to house break. Good luck!