Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This CHILD !

Comes up with some of the craziest things he wants to BE. Not pretend to be. But insists he has to BE whatever it is that comes to his mind.
This week, he had to BE a robot. He even sat down at the table and drew all the "things" he would need to become a robot. Unfortunately for Daddy, he's the one that has to implement these ideas the boy comes up with.
At this VERY moment, he is insisting he NEEDS to be a Tank. A real TANK. I'll post more of these ideas the Boy comes up with as soon as I can find all the pictures of
things that ping around in his brain.


Mari said...

He is one fine looking robot!

Crazed Nitwit said...

My 19 yo son, McArmy, would love to actually be a tank as well. He joined the army just so he could 'play' with al the big guns.


This Boy is going to grow up to be an inventor or and artist. Itis wonderful that you encourage and participate in his inventions. I LOVE THIS!