Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why I'll never Win the Lottery

I love my husband, really I do. A true love.
For 21 years I've wondered what I could have ever done to deserve
such a man. I could lie and say I had always dreamed of marrying a man like him, but the truth is, I didn't know there was a man like him to marry.
We've had our hard time like most couples (Thank you Marine Corps)We may have been married for 21 years, but the Marine Corps made certain we've only spent half that time together.
Today is our anniversary. 21 years. We decided, unspoken of course, not to buy each other anything because we are going to the big city for the weekend & visit an aquarium. (That's what you do when you have a 4 yr old on your 21st anniversary, he had a ball on our 20th on a Disney cruise) anyway......
I get up this morning and stumble to the coffee maker for my morning I.V of coffee and there sits a card & little gift. You know you've been married awhile when he knows that will be the first place you go in the morning.
When I moved the card is when I saw the little gift, he wasn't supposed to buy. It was a Randy Travis CD. It's a little inside joke of sorts. I LOVE,LURV,LUV,HEART Randy Travis. So much so, that I used to tell my girls when they were little that I was engaged to Randy Travis...he just didn't know it. For some reason my girls always thought that was hilarious. Not long after we started dating I told my husband I was engaged to Randy Travis..he didn't know. But if Randy ever came back for me, I'd have to leave him and go with Randy.
After we got married I told my husband that the only man I would ever leave him for would be Randy Travis...if he ever came back for me. Well, I haven't heard from Randy in 25 years. How long is a woman to wait?
I think I'll go ahead and keep the one I have and buy Randy's Cd's. 'Cause really, I'm sure Randy's changed over the years & I would hardly know him. I'm sure he doesn't know the first place I head is the coffee maker. Or that I stood in the kitchen and cried and laughed like a fool.
So now you know why I'll never win the lottery. I've used up all my good luck on this man. He didn't really get very much in the deal, so there's still a chance HE could win the lottery.

P.S: if it wasn't enough crying & laughing in the kitchen, I checked my email and my friend sent a singing anniversary "email" that made me laugh & cry a little more. I have a good life, who needs the lottery?

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Mothering4Money said...

That was very sweet. Sounds like you are both lucky.