Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging based on random pictures

It's either blog with these random pictures around the old home stead or completely blow up blogger with what's really going on in my house...when it comes to @foster/care.
I would write so fast & furious and at such great length, because there are 2 babies here.One has been here 17 mos & another 20 mos and NOTHING is being done to *reunify or *TPR. These babies need a permanent home. But the melting of blogger would come about when I wrote of the drama, both *birthparent & *dfac@.

So instead...for your viewing pleasure, I had a birdie visitor to my bird feeder a few days ago. I had heard of this bird "condition" but never seen it.
This male cardinal was completely bald. All his feather were gone, until it reached his neck and there was a perfect ring around his neck where the feathers picked back up. When I called my husband to explain this amazing sight, I asked him if he remembered why this kind of thing happened, he said," He's been defrocked".
Get it...A Cardinal...defrocked? It's ok, I didn't either at first. My husband, I married him for his sense of humor (and he looked good in Dress Blues)

CLICK on the picture, the bird on the right is the bird. His beak is so red and stands out.


Liz Harrell said...

Your husband's sense of humor sounds really familiar. My husband will appreciate this. :)

StarfishMom said...

how randomly odd... :)

Mothering4Money said...

Oh yeah, gotta love a man in uniform. Yummy

Can you complain to the state commissioner? I mean about the babies and permanency.