Sunday, June 07, 2009

This & That...but all cuteness!

The first picture is of my grandaughter and the Boy after a quick swim. She's the cutest thing in the whole world, but mean as a snake!
In photo #2, he came to me with my head band and said, "Look mommy, I'm Dr David!"
The other 2 are from a really cool wooden "castle" park we found the next county over. Where Lord help me, he will be taking swim lessons next month. (not in the castle, but down the road in a pool :))


Eva Carper said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how blonde/white her hair is,so pretty.And I can tell by the last picture that David has grown.I am wondering if this is the same castle park we visit now and again?The city starts with an "A" and ends with an "A"?If so we go their about twice a year.And its so much fun,as long as you don't lose your kid in their!Jill/lovingmyamazinglife
ps-I can't sign into google again,ugh!

Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

aw. i love kiddy pics

dot said...

Beautiful children! How could that sweet face be mean as a snake. lol

Anonymous said...

Cute pix. Now get rid of the crocs or you run the risk of spending more time with nice doctors. Talk to any preschool teacher or administrator about the number of kids who fall off or out of them.

D said...

Hi Anonymous,
Wish I could get rid of them. I wear them too. As a nurse for an orthopedic Dr, it's our main sourse of income! I'm kidding, it's only half, the other half comes from those studid skate shoes & scooters. I'm careful WHERE he wears them. Lamenant/tile floors are where most of the accidents happen or when running. He wears them to the park, so I can wash the dirt & wood chips off.