Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Have A Huge Pet Peeve...

I know you're all surprised by that.
Why? Why? why? Do Bparents pick one thing to harp on?
Every one's choice around here seems to be diaper rash.
This new baby ( the 16 month old) We'll call him
Cry Baby, came to us with a small diaper rash. He is VERY fair skinned.
If he goes outside he turns bright red. That's just from the house to the car. That's how bad it is.
So needless to say, he has sensitive skin.
The Bparents visit him 3 times a week. They saw him yesterday(didn't say anything about a rash) and then again tonight. Transport brought him back & said bparent was upset because he had a terrible rash "all over, even his butt".
So I thought good grief what's happened in the last 2 hours. He was fine when he left here. The very small rash he came with, was clearing up. So I take him to change him and see what's going on. NOTHING, same healing rash, barely visible, but his butt was red from sitting in the car seat, even had the "wrinkle" print on there from the where the diaper bunched up. So my guess is he had that same print from the car ride to see them too.
But it was very evident it was not a rash, but where he had been sitting in the carseat.
This never ceases to make me blow a gasket. Because I know she will call the SW & make a huge to do about it. Then I will insist she come out and look at this "terrible" rash.
I know it's a control issue with the bparents. But it drives in crazy!


Foster Mama said...

Sorry you are having to deal with them being like that.

Susan said...

Because I don't want to hear it, I pretty much always leave the baby in a diaper until transport arrives, have the transport worker look them over (including a peek into the diaper area, especially if there is any rash)and then I pull on the clothes. When they drop off, I make them wait until I have undressed the baby and make them take another look. If B-parent has mentioned a rash, I ask the worker to point it out to me. When I call the CW, I tell her to be sure and check with the transport person as they also had a look at the "rash." I'm not sure why this is such a popular choice with B-parents. The other one I've gotten with newborns is that they have a cold because they sound sort of rattly in their tiny noses for the first few weeks. I always point out the snortiness to the worker on an early visit so she will know what they are talking about when they get the call that baby is really, really, sick.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

BTDT! I am sorry,this is just another part of this process that makes it so hard.We personally like when its the Bparents w/ the child abuse past,who are blaming us...Ironic.