Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I have something to say

You may not agree or be happy I'm putting voice to my thoughts.
*Please remember The Boy is not our first adoption. Just our first from foster care. So I know of which I speak* We don't label adopted vs. got big&fat & had terrible labor dragging your butt into this world, around here. Matter of fact all my kids have "issues". So this is not knocking adoption or trying to scare you away.
I just believe we all need a dose of reality in this crazy foster care / adoption world we find ourselves living in.
My point is genetics will trump environment 99.9% of the time. We have lived this experiment, if you will.
Most of you read many, many different adoption or foster care blogs, but I realized nobody, but NOBODY tells it like it is, better than Cindy Brodie. Who has been at this for something like 20 years & adopted something like 39 kids from foster care.
Maybe you read Cindy and know what she goes through and have thought of adoption with her words of wisdom ringing in your ears...but then I realized maybe you've never heard of her or run across her blog. So I thought I would share. Because I think ANYBODY who is adopting, especially from foster care must read her blog.
Here is a little excerpt from this morning that struck me:
" I suppose the book I eventually will want to publish will be about the REALITY of adoption from the foster care system, it's not very pretty"
Go visit Cindy. Read her archives. But don't blame me if you loose your whole day & find yourself weeping & thinking & rethinking.
I'd be interested in what you think or what you've learned.


The Brothers said...

Oh, jeez. Kinda scares me. You know, our little Z's Birth mom is schizophrenic and has major substance abuse problems, his dad is a homeless guy that was never found. Our L's story is is just as sad.
I believe in divine healing, but also consequences of a fallen world. God, please protect our boys.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Along with your blog and a few others, Cindy's is on my "must read" list every day. Her story breaks my heart - for all she is living with, for all she gives and how little she gets in return from so many of her children, for all the chaos in her life. I agree that anyone considering adopting through foster care should have to read a year's worth of her archives. At the very least, I guarantee they'll come away from it "thinking and rethinking", as you said.