Sunday, February 15, 2009

What to say, what to say

I'm sure alot of you read "adoption under one roof". Some of the articles "I get" as an adoptive parent and some leave me going "huh?". The Boy, he is not our first go 'round, in this adoption thing. So it's not like we're 3 yrs in to this adoption life, so to speak. We've done it from the ground up for 20 yrs. So we've been through all the stages this life brings you. We've done both private and through foster care. We've seen many sides to the table.
I can't tell you how many people think and have even said to me,"all these kids/babies in foster care, you must be able to pass a few tests and walk out with a kid". Not in so many words, but pretty close.
They have NO idea just how broken the system is. Sure there are lots of kids out there needing homes, but the need for a home and even people who want them, just doesn't happen. And I have a hard time explaining to people, just because this kid is going to adoption and YOU want them, doesn't not mean a thing.
Anyway I said all that to tell you this...
Here is an article on Adoption under one roof, you might find interesting, if you've ever had to deal with foster adoption I'm sure you can relate.
I think people who want to adopt from foster care should have to talk to as many foster parents as they can possibly find, to understand what they are about to undertake. It's not for the weak.........not saying she is, just interesting


Unknown said...

Hmmm...that was an interesting article. Sounds like she's not interested in actually fostering, but in adopting kids who are already freed. The best way to ensure a match is to actually foster the accept a placement and watch their bio-fams work a caseplan, in many cases. Very risky, yes. I don't know...I'm not sure I empathized totally with that woman.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

We wonder if we should stay in the system after and "IF" we get to adopt this child.Whats the point at times,if it takes us 3 more years to find a match,we are not getting any younger!Shes right their is "no system" in the system.I am SO annoyed with them right now.I am about ready to cut my loses.

The Brothers said...

It's hit and miss, for sure. We lost 4 little girls before we got to keep our 2 little boys. Tough stuff. But, while we had them, the girls had a saf, loving home and were prayed over and wanted. We served our purpose in their lives, even though it hurt.