Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess Who's going to be a Mommy AGAIN?

Good Grief, NOOOOOO, not me. I'm not crazy. OK, maybe a little.
However, my oldest daughter IS. She is the holder of my 2 Meme babys. (& I guess I should give credit to my long suffering son-in-law every once in a while)
I should have known something was up when she called to invite me to go out and have dinner with her. She is my child that always cared what Mommy thought or would say. So she was nervous. I'm not really sure what she thought I would say or do. Like...tell her,"NO, you absolutely can not have another baby. Now, GO put it right back where you got it from...right now, little girl! You already have two of those at home. You do not need another one, you'll just wad it up and leave it in the closet like all the rest of them. Go on, put it back."
She said she was nervous to tell me because "I'm the mean one". I am NOT MEAN. Just because I tell you what I think, does not make me mean! Was she too nervous to tell her dad? NO! Because I guess he's the "nice" one. She had called him with the news before I made it home from dinner.Which, I might add, I made her pay for...because I'm mean like that.
They've only been trying since January, which means, well it means we (she) are a fertile bunch. She's due in early November. Not being mean or anything...but this better not interfere with my cruise in November. I bet she did this on purpose. ~for those who don't know me, PLEASE read sarcasm here~
I can not be a Meme to 3! I am much too young. For heaven's sake I have a 3 year old!


Kellie with an "ie" said...

That's fantastic! A brand new baby for the holidays! Congratulations.

The Brothers said...

Oh! Congrats, D!!
I can't wait to be a Grammy. I'm already telling my boys that one of them better have a girl whose named after me. Just the middle name, mind you. Not too much to ask, I think! :)

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Congrats on being a grandma again!!!!