Thursday, February 05, 2009

How can you sleep with this

I'm laying in bed hoping for just 5 more minutes of peace before having to start my day. In comes the Boy:
Boy: mommy, you wake?
mommy: NO
Boy: come down, I watch Wonder Pets.
mommy: Boy, give mommy just 5 more minutes, & I'll come down and turn the TV on for you.
Boy: Mommy, get up it's a bright shiny day!
All I could do was hug him to death and wonder where this boy comes up with these things.
I think he knows being cute will get mommy up every time.


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

wonder pets,you just had to type that,now the theme song is stuck in my head,again.

Michelle said...

Glad to read that your husband is doing fairly well. No one can pass up a little boy telling you it's a "bright, shiny" day!

Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

i love kids and all the associated cutnessss