Sunday, September 21, 2008

This & That & Boring Stuff

Boy, is this what life before foster care was like?
It's kind of boring around here! I never thought I'd say that in a million years.
My phones (cell & home) have been silent. No one calls me anymore. At least when I have kids I know someone will call me, EVERYDAY.
David's surgery has been rescheduled for the 29th. Nothing like getting all ready for surgery, just to have them call the night before to cancel. Something stupid, like the Dr. having an emergency surgery. Like my baby's circumcision isn't an emergency. (read sarcasm here) I know what it's like to have to call the patient, so I was nice to her. But I was hoping to be REALLY into potty training by the 29th. We were putting off the serious stuff until after the surgery, for obvious reasons :)
The Girl is doing very well in her new placement. She is adjusting well, which were happy to hear. They thanked us for loving her & treating her as though she was our own. (mark that up as a first)
If I'm away for days on end...please note my new etsy shop. My dear husband overheard me saying I'd love a new sewing machine, so I could take up sewing and quilting again. My 20 year old 99.00 machine had seen better days. So he goes out and buys one that I would have NEVER ever bought for myself. A Husqvarna Viking. So I feel I must put it to good use. So I will be off sewing my little heart out! Anyone up for a quilting bee?? Come on over, I've got thread!


Perri said...

I'm not up on sewing machines, but anything named VIKING sounds like a workhorse.

Sorry you had to put off the surgery. I hate having to reschedule tests and stuff. I like to just get it done and get on with it.

Susan said...

I am SO coming to your house to play!! I have the $99 16 year old machine and I want a Husqavarna!

D said...

Come on over, there is only one kid here, and I've got FABRIC!

Torina said...

You should share what you are working on!! I got me a (VERY NICE) sewing machine from the ol' husband for me birthday this year. I finished a pillow. Then I got me two 6 yr old boys...and that was that. I love quilting...I miss quilting...

Anita said...

ewwww, circumcision. I'm sorry David.