Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Girl is determined to kill me...

As a parting blow.
She is leaving tomorrow night. So much has or is happening this week, I've not really had time to process it all.
First we were given our 2 weeks of transition time, for which we are grateful. So she was to move this Friday. But David is scheduled for surgery early Thursday morning,so the placement asked if they could help by picking her up Wed. night to ease the load. So the SW agreed to that.
But in the mean time TheGirl decided to be a mountain goat yesterday at daycare and climb on top of a picnic table and fall face first to the ground! The inside of her top gum is BLACK & blue, mostly black. I've never seen a bruise quite like it. And to make things good and crazy one of the top front teeth is loose. So of course, as foster parents your first thought, OH, PLEASE GOD, PLEASE LET HER BE OK. So I was up most of the night worried that some how this would turn out to be my fault or I didn't do something right or fast enough.
But we're just back from the dentist and no fractures. Alot of bruising and a loose tooth that may or may not tighten up by itself. The SW showed up for the visit, so maybe it will be OK.
I'm not going to go with my husband to take her to the relative placement, because that night we also have what I like to call "the quarterly, is your house clean & safe for human habitation" visit.
On top of that, we have to prepare ourselves for The Boy's surgery the next day.
Whoooa, that's enough for me this week, I can't stand anymore fun.
So how's your week been?


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

I am sick of Sw's too.One of our fosters on his 1st night here got hit in the head with a wooden swing,full force,got a shiner and split his ear.He was 1 yrs old.I was freaked out,but reported it and it all went fine.Whats Davids surgery for?I missed that.When the gilr leaves are you taking in any more?

Anita said...

Poor little girl. That's a tough day!