Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Beloved Tn....in pictures

We decided to go away for the weekend since the Girl would be doing a weekend visit. And there is nothing I love more than to go to my beloved Tellico Plains, Tn. It is beautiful, peaceful and uncorrupted by (most) civilization. Don't go there looking for excitment or anything to "do".
'cause it ain't happening.
My family traces it's roots to this wonderful place in these beautiful Smokey Mountains for more than 5 generations, the next 5 are scattered between Ind,Tn & Ga. All wanting more than anything to make it back to those hills, our ancestors fought so hard to get out of.

The tomb stone you will be is that of my maternal great grandfather & great grandmother, born in those hills in 1888. There are the graves of my great-great grandparents in the same area, my g-g-great grand parents and in a place called Cades Cove lies the graves of my GGGG-grandparents. Cades Cove was destroyed in 1937 to make way for the Great Smokey mountain National park. Destroying a community that existed since 1818. So my GGGG grandparents are buried in the national park & I must submit proof of kinship every time I want to visit their grave site. Very Sad.

But on to happier things: The pictures... I just noticed I didn't get any inside views. Trust me it was to die for. All the beds were hand hewn logs. As was the log swing I spent most of my time on. Sunday afternoon we had a rain shower that was wonderful. Nothing like sitting on the porch listening to rain on a tin roof.
Most of the photos are self explanatory. I must add the duck pictures were taken in Sweetwater at an aptly named park: The Duck Park. So original. But accurate! :)
See my foot? That was as close as it was getting to that cold water coming down off the mountain!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous area! Looks very relaxing.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Mmmmm! I love Cades Cove and have always been moved by the stories of the destruction of that community - so sad. Some of my maternal grandmother's family is from the Sevierville area, so maybe we're kin! Anyway, I'm so glad you had a nice, relaxing time. Next time we head up that way, I might ask you for advice about where to stay.

Anita said...

What a beautiful get-a-way!