Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do You Love Precious Moments? You're about to be very happy!

I have been given the special honor of introducing a new product by the company who makes the Precious Moments figurines. I love Precious Moments. All three of my girls have the Sweet 16 figurines & the 19 yr old has their Adoption figurine and she loves it.
How many times have those of you with young girls wished there was something a little more wholesome than b*r*a*t*z dolls and other such dolls? I loath them. Why do people want their daughters to grow up with that image of what a young lady should model themselves after?
Now, on the scene as of September 2nd we now have a wholesome, faith centered series for our girls. They have wonderful books & dolls. But most wonderful is a website that is safe and fun for them to have membership in.
Precious Moments®, is launching a new product line and an interactive virtual world website for girls 4-8 years old. This new concept is called the Precious Girls Club and is a virtual world that inspires, enriches and encourages that all too brief moment in a girl's life journey: being a precious little girl.
The Precious Girls Club will feature wholesome age-appropriate characters. The website,, will launch on September 1st. The virtual world website will offer games, quests, and virtual charms that reward good behavior in the virtual world, as well as in the external world. Parents will be able to go online and reward their girls with an online helpful charm, for example, when they have helped with household chores. These charms will unlock extra points online, thus providing a fun reward to reinforce positive offline behavior. The site will also provide tools to help girls form their own Precious Girls Clubs in the offline world. To visit the Precious Girls Club site, go to

**Precious Moments have been so kind as to give my readers a chance to win the very first book, "A LITTLE BIT OF FAITH". Also a web access code to start the fun of being in their virtual world.
To Win: click around on , come back and tell what excites you about this new Precious Girl's Club. (2) random readers will receive a brand spankin' new book & the web access code cards.
This will end on Sept. 7th at midnight.
So all you lurkers with little girls....DELURK. It will be well worth your wile. I've read the book and love it for the age group it's made for. I can't wait to hear what you think!


Carrie said...

My niece would LOVE this. Thanks for doing this giveaway. Being a crafty type myself, I enjoyed looking through the cute craft projects they have listed on their site.

Heidi Kellems said...

Having 5 girls I think this will be a wholesome site for kids to get to know one another. I personally love the Precious Moments though I am not a collector. I am going to have my oldest check it out too.

LindaJean said...

Very neat! I have 5 little girls who will love this. It is a little girl alternative to the Sims and then some. Guess we will sign everyone up!
Thanks for sharing...