Monday, September 15, 2008


This is the long way around the world to tell you one funny sentence. Read on....
My stove has been on the blink for 6 or 8 or 10 months. A long time. But I kept thinking maybe it would heal itself. YOU know you've thought that too! It's a gas stove. When I turned it on I would smell gas (yes, I know, bad) but eventually it would light. But then a few months ago, it started taking forever to heat up and never to the temp it should. So it took like 3 hours to cook a pan of lasagna! After starting to complain about it my husband called the repair people. A man came out to diagnose my stove (70.00 just for coming out)
When the man came in, all The Boy heard was the alarm on the front door. That usually signals "DADDY'S HOME, DADDY'S HOME". So he looks up from his cartoons and asks is Daddy home? I said "No, daddy's not home, someone is here to fix our stove. It's not your Daddy" so he goes back to his cartoon watching.
In the flat 15 minutes it took him to diagnose, tell me the total, pick me up off the floor, fix it, & clean up after himself. He was going out the door. The Boy followed us to the door. The nice man said,"bye-bye" and the Boy said,"Bye-bye, somebody else daddy!"
OK, now the cute parts over.
It costs ( & I know it is not proper or southern to talk money) I was completely blown away by the total. We looked into buying a new one, because this one is a simple builders grade Whirlpool* stove. A new one would be between 500. & $600.00. So we decided to fix it.
It was almost 350.00!! And do you think they would "forgo" the coming out fee? Alot of companies do, if you have them fix whatever they came out to look at. NOOOO! That was still part of the bill.
Single women, DO NOT look to marry a Dr. This guy makes more than ANY Dr. I know of and 90% of lawyers! I'm thinking that guy makes about $600.00 an hour! And yes, he evidently is busy all day, every day. It took a week to get this appt. I can get in with my Dr the same day! But of course he never fixes me within 15 minutes.
What was wrong with the stove that costs that much? The ignition switch.. ~sigh~


LindaJean said...

Oh I know just how you feel. Our oven has been on the fritz for almost a year. We just can't bear to pay the almost $400 to fix the computer panel :( But, oh boy would I love to bake again... sigh...
Got the books yesterday and the girls are reading out loud to one another :) Thank you!

AfricaBleu said...

Ah, the sweet price of desperation, yeah? That's a cute story about the young 'un, though.

Mothering4Money said...

That seems a bit steep for an oven ignition switch.

How did David's surgery go?

Sorry about The Girl having to leave. Y'all provided her with a good loving home.

The cabin pic looks lovely. Glad you had some time to relax.

Liz said...


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Hey,I just saw your etsy store,I thought you said you are not crafty?Are so!!!!!!

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, it's so cute what little ones say!!

Sorry about your stove. We just had dryer repair and now the washer needs repair.


Anita said...

LOL! I'm constantly wishing for things to fix themselves.

David is too cute.

I would however, have gone for a new stove.