Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Is driving me crazy!
I could swear he's turning 2 instead of 3! All he has done for the past 3 days is whine and cry. I can't even walk out of the room without him having a fit. He wants me to be right with him all the time. He was just at the doctor's 2 weeks ago, so I don't think he's got an ear infection.
He has started to cry to go home if we go somewhere, like the grocery store. Makes eating hard, with no food. But of course he doesn't eat anyway, so that doesn't bother him. He's a little young to be a recluse.
How can anything this cute, drive me so crazy?


Anonymous said...

It's just what they do. *grin*

I've been having similar things going on with Baby. She's been better this week, but still has totally irrational meltdowns once in a while...wants picked up, but immediately says, "down!" Wants her cup, but wants me to hold it for her, and (I kid you not), if my hands aren't positioned in the exact way she wants me to hold the cup, she throws a hissy. She'll ask for cookies, but then throw them when she gets them because I put them on a plate instead of in a bowl.

I'll quote something I said on Anita's blog tonight--"It's in their job description..."

On the other hand, he is SO darned cute!

Love ya,

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Oh my - he just gets cuter and cuter doesn't he?!?! Sorry for the clingy-ness. Let's hope it's just an extremely short-lived phase.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Hi - just saw your comment on my blog. I wasn't aware the SW ever contacted anyone. Would you mind e-mailing me and let me know what he/she was told? kfc1206 at charter dot net. Please and thank you, D!

Torina said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you about the clothing allowance thing! When we get the initial information from the counties, it always includes information on how much the child is entitled to for clothing. HOWEVER, what the worker will actually do is an entirely different story. Each county is different. Some will "give" vouchers. Some so reimbursements. I have never ever gotten a voucher. If the child has any scrap of clothing at all, I get nothing to buy them anything new. Keep in mind that all the kids I have had have been older and have been in care for many years. The only one that I got a clothing reimbursement for was an emergency removal who came with the clothes on his back. And even that was like pulling teeth.

Even my son who came to us technically as a foster care placement and only had too small, ripped up, stained, gross clothes got nothing. His county worker said that the county was in a budget crisis and no one was getting vouchers at that time. Our state truly sucks on so many levels when it comes to taking care of its children. Don't even get me started.

Judy said...

What a beautiful boy! Thank you for visiting me and your comment on my blog. I live in Frankfort, Ky. I am sure the boy is going through some kind of phase and will get over it. Come back anytime. I love company!

Sheri said...

Enjoyed reading your blog . . . found you from Torina's. Three was WAY worse than two for my littles.

Enjoy your day!

Anita said...

He's adorable. But I think "adorable" is short for "Pain in the patootie!"

Mothering4Money said...

What a cutie pie! It should be the Terrific Twos and Terrible Threes. Good thing kids are cute. =)