Sunday, August 17, 2008

Planning our Disney Cruise has got so bad...

I see the Olympic Rings on TV, and automatically think,"Hey, that looks like a double Mickey Head!"
If you've seen my kinda new ticker. It is 14 months & 4 weeks (not 15 months) til our 7 day Disney Magic cruise to celebrate our 20th anniversary.
I am a planner. Our first trip to Disney World a few years back was planned down to the minute almost. Dinner reservations made, parks mapped out.
This cruise will be no different. Having never been on one, I must find out everything about them, especially a Disney Cruise. I must know all about the restaurants, what is on the menu's. What the itinerary will be for the kid's clubs for The Boy. How the room is laid out, what the entertainment is. How my bags will make it on the ship. How long will it take for our passports to come. I need an extra birth certificate for The Boy, in case they loose it at the passport office. ( for some reason I don't trust government agencies. I wonder why?) And good grief, WHAT kind of clothes do you wear on a cruise and good grief I need to loose 20 pounds.
So it's no wonder I see Mickey's head in the Olympic Rings! RIGHT?


Sheri said...

I've been on three cruises and my biggest worry was if my bags would make it to the boat in time. We have traveled with Royal Carribbean all three times and your bags usually weren't delivered to your cabin until about 5 hours after you set sailed. Yikes! Makes for a nervouss me!

Anita said...

Hey, it's a dream vacation! Lots of dreaming going on!

Mothering4Money said...

We're hoping to visit Disney in FL for Spring Break '09. Would love any tips you have.