Friday, July 11, 2008


YOU would be too!
The boy is sick. For a few days he has had a runny nose & slight fever. No big deal. Until this morning he came in and told me his beddy hurt and started scratching. I pulled up his shirt to see a beautiful Lacey red rash, front torso only. I pat myself on the back and know nursing school and the ensuing 20 years had not been wasted, by diagnosing the boy with scarlatina or strep, both can be caused by the same type strain, giving you the lovely lacey red rash.
I digress..
So anyway, I know either way we need to go to the dr and some meddy. (we use technical terms around here.) So we go in, I give the dr the run down on his symptoms, he agrees with my diagnosis. :) But wants to do a strep test anyway, since his throat is so red. So he swabs his throat and goes out to run the test. The boy says, 'You hurt me!' He comes back with an ice pop and tells the boy it will make his throat better. The boys says thank you and gobbles it all up.
Just as the dr comes back in THAT boy looks at me, folds his hands under his chin and says,"Pweese mama, Pweeese I have some more?"
OH, MY Goodness! Where did he learn that? WHERE? I want to know? I have not seen it on any of the cartoons he watches and we sure didn't teach him.
Was that boy born knowing how to break my heart?
The dr just smiled, gave us our script and walked out.
I am left to deal with the "pweese mama pweese" hands folded under the chin!
I did what any sane mama does, I said, I'll give you an ice cream when we get home. (we don't have ice pops) He says NO, pweeeeese mama, ice, pweese. The boy was killing me.
I wanted to squeeze him to death (big hug, not kill) and cry. So I did what any sane mama does, I stopped on my way home and got ice pops for the boy.
I can see now (and so does he) that when he folds his hands under his chin and says. Pweeese, mama, Pweeeeese, it'll probably work for anything. From ice pops to a pony.
I need to learn where he learned this from, it's killing me!


Anonymous said...

OH SISTER, I am so right there with you! I am such a huge sucker for the big sad eyes!

Hope David is better soon!


Diane said...

Kids learn early on how to tug at our heartstrings. It is part of what makes this age so adorable!

I hope he feels better soon.


Anita said...

You'd have to be made of stone to stand strong against that!!