Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Word Genius

Cindy Bowdie is a Word Genius. She does so have the knack of putting what I feel into words I could never come up with. If you're not familiar with Cindy, you can find her at . She's genius I tell you.

Today she said,"I wish I could tell you that I'd be a foster parent when my children are grown, I have room, knowledge of trauma and can speak enough Spanish to get by, but I won't do so because of the heinous way I've too often been treated by those who should know better"

Since we've moved here and people find out we were foster parents, they always ask if we are going to do it here. There is a huge need here (As there is everywhere) for  foster parents. I see the ads in the paper, the signs on the roads. But I can't or won't do it again. Seven years was enough. I could never quite put it into words why we would not, even though the need was great, we had the physical resources, etc.
It's very difficult to answer that question for people who have never DONE foster*care without going into a 2 hour ramble session, which they won't understand anyway. So I think what I will say from now on is this, " I no longer care to be treated the way most agencies treat foster*parents. "
Short,simple,true & to the point.


Mari said...

It's so sad that something that is so needed isn't done because of actions by those who should know better than anyone. Good for you for sticking it out as long as you did.

Cindy said...

So many of us no longer care to be treated so badly....