Thursday, December 06, 2012

Flash Back

Very rarely do I go back and read my old posts. But I saw that someone had googled,"smack a duck" & came to my blog that way. I thought, "WHAT?" and went to the post it took them to, and this is what I found...


Vintage Boy:



Monday, June 23, 2008


I had to Y'all. I had to!
I am not a person to around smacking ducks and stuff, but do you see those ducks/geese, whatever they are?
I took The Boy to a local pond with 3 bags of stale bread in tow. We sit down to feed them and all the sudden honking duck-geese swarm us! Pecking & biting! The Boy had a piece of bread in his hand to throw and a duck-goose pecked him. What's a mama to do? I did the first thing a mama thinks to do when her baby is being threatened, of course. I reached over and smacked the duck-goose across the mouth and said "NO BITING"! I realized I had just smacked a duck and looked around to see if the duck police had seen me. We were alone. Thank God! Then I gave the duck a talking to about biting other people's kids. I think he understood

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