Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our version of Elf on a Shelf

To-a (pronounced To (then u as in umbrella) To-u. I have no idea how to spell that.
To-u came when The Boy was 3 about to turn 4. Which kinda explains the choice of names the poor thing got stuck with. No cutesie CandyCane or Mr. Magic for us. The Boy was having fun making up nonsense words at this point in his life. So To-u it was. This is his 3rd year with us.
I am much too cheap to actually buy Elf on a Shelf. So I bought the ever cute AnnaLee Elf.
I Wrote the rules & story on a rolled up piece of paper and it's been fun ever since. He comes on Thanksgiving day/night.
The first time To-u came I had put him in the light fixture over the kitchen table and wanted to see how long it would take for The Boy to spot him. As luck would have it (& it was pure luck) later that night we were sitting at the table making an ornament and To-u fell down right between us and the little rolled up "introduction" paper fell down after him. The look on The Boy's face was priceless!
I must say I was a little stunned myself. I couldn't have made that happen even if I'd thought of it.
I've been meaning to document To-u's actions for the last 2 years, but always forgot to take pictures and there was ALOT of forgetting to move him. (Lazy Elf, anyways landing in the same place.)
This year I have good intentions. So hopefully I will be creative enough, remember the camera, actually take the pictures & then put them on here.
Here is To-u's grand entry this year.

As I read the paper and see the look on To-u's face, I think I can understand how this might cause some issues later in life. Maybe it could have been worded a little less creepy. I'll have to work on that.
(you can click on the picture for a close up)


Mari said...

I'd never heard of this till recently. It's such a cute idea!

StarfishMom said...

I LOVE your elf BETTER than the Elf on the Shelf! :) MUCH CUTER!

Beth said...

I bought an elf on the shelf...the guilt tripped myself into returning him and getting an Anna lee($7.99 who could pass that up!) so far he's colored in a coloring book and spilled the crayons and made snow flakes and put them on all of the windows.