Thursday, November 08, 2012

All is Well

The Boy spends his evenings playing Legos and riding his plasma car in the basement.
He loves his new school. Two report cards periods in and he has straight A's on both. I'm not proud or

Do you know how long it's been since I've had McDo*nalds? A long time and that's a good thing.
One thing about our New Normal...You better have what you want to cook for dinner or anything else for that matter, because it's a good hour round trip to the closest grocery store.
I spend my mornings shuttling The Boy to the next county over to school. My thoughts  usually along the lines of,"Wonder if I'll win the Not behind a tractor load of tobacco, Disker,Plow,or Hay Baler, Lottery this morning"? Then I play the same game in the afternoon when it's time to pick him up.
After twenty odd years of NOT having a fall or spring for that matter, it's kind of nice seeing the beautiful colors of fall. It has been absolutely beautiful around here this year. It is very likely I will not be so fond of the cold. I DO NOT like cold. But how much more beautiful I know it will make the Spring be. I just have to keep telling myself that.
The husband and I both like the New Normal.
As a side note, to let you know how ingrained foster*care is in my mentality. I stood in front of a sale isle of a store contemplating if I should buy the diapers on sale. For about 10 minutes it didn't strike me that I DON'T NEED DIAPERS ANYMORE. Even if they are on sale!!!! The husband had to go out of state for a few days for work, we thought about going with him to see the sights while he worked. My first thought was, "we can't do that, the social*worker would have a fit on such short notice." I'm a big girl, I don't have to answer to anybody else about what I want to do or when I want to do it!!!!(unless you count Harper Dog, and he must be answered to) I am FREEEEEEE.
I still think these thoughts will come at me at the craziest times though.


StarfishMom said...

I can only imagine how 'freeing' it must be :) Glad you're adjusting to a new normal!!! xox

Mari said...

I'm so glad you are free! And that you don't have to buy diapers anymore either. :)
Congrats on having such a smart boy!