Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Just May Cry

My baby started First grade on Monday. After doing this 3 times before him, you'd think I'd have a grip on it. There's something about it being your last kid. It's not like he hasn't gone to Pre-K and kindergarten. But for some reason 1st grade makes it real. Plus my Boy is starting a new school. I was sure he would be scared, uncertain and miss his mama. I was anxiety ridden all day. It's 9 o'clock, I wonder if he can find his snack in his backpack? It's 11:45, Is he too shy to ask for what he wants in the cafeteria? Can they understand him? What if a kid touches his food? He'll stop eating and throw it all away. What if a kid's being mean to him? I will not hesitate to kill* a 6 yr old if they're being mean to my baby. There are 20 kids in his class instead of the promised 17. He's use to small classes. His largest class was 11. He won't know what to do with that many kids. I was 30 minutes early picking him up (it takes 30 minutes on a good day to get to his school)
They didn't bring him out to the car, they let him find his own way to the car.  Barbarians!
He jumped in the car and said,"Mommy, I love my new school! I made friends, and I told the lunch lady I wanted chicken nuggets with ketchup, but I only ate one, but the mac & cheese was good". And on and on Chatty Cathy went for the next 30 minutes til we got home.
The first day of college is going to kill me.
Mostly because in 2024, I'll be knocking 60!  


Anonymous said...

Who knew we would need these kinds of survival skills, eh?

Mari said...

Such a good looking 1st grader! It's hard on us moms though!

Perri said...

NOW what are you going to do all day? He sure is a cutie!

Kath said...

I've been feeling your pain too lately. One of our "lil boys" is off to college. I spent a week being a sob.
I may have been a wee bit embarrassing to be around! :)
Serves him right I think....he shouldn't be so darn loveable!