Monday, August 13, 2012

On The Way To My House...

You will pass,

 Buffalo, yep, Buffalos-is.
We got 'em.
 Down Town
 Yes, look closely. What?
YOU don't have a herd of
Camels-is. We DO!

 Lots more of this..

 And a ton, tons & tons of both these.

Ok, so what's your best guess?
And do you think I should change the name of my blog?
Since we don't do foster *care anymore, there will no longer be any more tales of woe & crazy.
I'm just not feeling the title anymore. Although it's still my top 3 items to own in this world!


Mari said...

I think it looks like you live in awesome place! I love the country and it's pretty country here, but no buffaloes or camels here.
Your life has changed - maybe the blog name needs to too!

StarfishMom said...

Bumkinville?!?! :)