Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disney's private island

My 2 older MeMe babies, Caitie & Blake

The Boy resting for awhile

One of the thing Disney has is private cabanas you can rent for the day.

Which are hard to come by(there's only 17 on the family beach) and is a little pricey.

But so worth it. You don't have to fight for a chair, hammock, space in the water, ect.

But it comes stocked with drinks in a fridge, snacks & a private beach too. Oh, and a "butler".

Worth the $ in my opinion, if you can snag one. Ours was #17, the very last one on the beach, so we were even more secluded.

My Rylie Boy, who just turned 2. The youngest, of my older daughter.

The kids playing on a deserted beach. Unheard of on the island. We loved it.

Pretty flowers, my husband wouldn't let me pick :(

Chip & Dale. I can never remember who is who. But see how the Boy's smile looks alot like the

rodent on the right.

One messy hot dog!

Oh how I love that boat

A sea urchin my son in law brought up from snorkeling to show us.

He was pretty cool looking. (then we was put back where he came from)

Up next a few *FoodPorn shots. I do love the food on the boat. I always try to get my money's worth in that department.


Mari said...

I love the idea of the private cabana - what a fun day!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

What a awesome vacation. Sorry it was dampened by the loss of your father.


Wow this looks fantastic!!!!!!