Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Disney Dream Food

I guess I didn't take as many food pictures as I thought. This is only the first night.
If you click on the menu, you'll get a good idea of Animator's Palate offerings.

This is The Boys mac & cheese. He wouldn't touch it, because "somebody messed it up" by putting it in a "thing".

My endive & poached pear salad. Very good.

A Boy's room service. He could not be bothered to go up to the amazing breakfast buffet. (So we left him in the room to sleep while we went.) Don't worry, I hung out the "do not disturb" sign.

My first dessert, a little tiny bit of 3 different ones.

My Main dessert. a lemon pudding...with coffee.

The food on the boat is really good and plentiful. My son-in-law (bless his heart) had 3 entrees some nights. My daughter had several appetizers at once. I of course would never be such a pig. I stuck to tiny, baby, almost nonexistent desserts, with a "main" dessert. Now I wish I had brought the camera to dinner after the first night. These pictures really doesn't do the food justice. And the Buffets! One buffet was just sushi, where my daughter might as well have pulled up a chair. Oh, were they ever good.

Two more years, two more years. I'll just chant that...for two more years. Unless I win the lottery, then I'm going right then and taking all of you with me.