Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet The New Baby


Meet in Harper Lee.
Harper is a boy. I know, I know, Harper Lee is a woman. But I love her.
He is a teacup Yorkie. I didn't mean to get him, it was an accident. I just wanted to see them, not buy one. But the Boy was with me (second mistake)and had a flat out hissy fit. He's wanted a dog for 100 years or so he says. The rest is history. THEN I do my research and see how many problems teacups can have & I panic. But he is from a reputable breeder, not a pet store, etc.
He weighs a whopping 1 lb 4oz @ 10 weeks old. His daddy (who is very handsome) weighs 3# & mom weighs 6#. She's very pretty too.
As you can see, he's not grown into the Yorkie Look yet, but his long coat hair is starting to grow and if I don't accidently drop kick him across the room he should be looking pretty handsome in a few weeks!


Mari said...

Awww - he's cute! I have to family members who have a teacup Yorkie and they love them.
Congrats on the new family member!

Kellie with an "ie" said...

Oh. My. Lord. I am in love.


Love. Love Love. And I love the name.