Friday, August 19, 2011

Define Spoiled

I can.
yes,yes,yes. I know WHO did the spoiling too.
His daddy. Not me. I'm the mean one.
The Boy wants a hermit crab. You know the only place they SELL hermit crabs is at
the beach, right?
We live no where near a beach.
The boy was begging for a hermit crab WITH a painted shell. I told him we couldn't get one but we had a friend going to the beach for Labor Day & we would ask her to pick him up one.
Then he said, If she's going to the beach to get a hermit crab, why can't we just go and I can get my own hermit crab.
I told him to call his daddy and he'd explain.
So Daddy told him maybe we would just go to the beach.

I'm going to try that trick one day, with saaaayyy...I want sushi...from Japan!

Thanks to Tara we spent the night at Pet*smart picking out a 47.00 hermit crab. Actually the crab (mr crabs) was only 6.99 all of his "stuff" was the rest.
I guess it was cheaper than a 500.00 weekend at the beach. somehow I feel like I just messed myself over on a mini beach vacation.


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

No Petsmart or PetCo?? They have hermit crabs.

I do like this trick though. I definitely think you should try it with sushi!

Anne said...

Ohhh... good trick. lol.

Hermit crabs will also switch shells as they outgrow the one they are in. So.. may want to keep an eye out for some extra shells of assorted sizes a little bigger than the current residence. (Can also paint those new shells yourself before lil' Sebastian goes home hunting..)

A great pair of (Italian) shoes... or may I suggest a lovely sarong (Bali).. Oh boy..this may get tricky should you need a new outfit!


I want a tan. Hawaii?

Kath said...

You are on to something there!! lol