Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Summer, It's HOT

And there is absolutely nothing to blog about.
This is going to be so RANDOM.
It's 120 degrees here. Impossible for the kids to go out and play til 9 pm. Then it's time for bed. The thought of going to the pool makes me want to pass out. The upstairs A/C can't even keep up with the heat, so it's usually 80 upstairs.
I broke a tooth now I have to go in for a crown today. Go MEeee! When I first broke the tooth and went in to have it looked at/crown cast (not to be mixed up with Casting Crowns)I had a bruise on the side of my face that looked like I was in a bar fight. and NO ONE even asked me about the bruise. I find that odd. Maybe why abused woman find it easy to "hide" such things. Nobody wants to mention it. I'd be like "Good Grief, what hap pend to you?"
The Boy's Guene pig died...he didn't care. He now wants a lizard. I don't think so.
Boy #1's transition is coming along. I wasn't so sure in the beginning, but I think this will be a good match.

This is our summer in a nut shell. How's yours?


Mari said...

Love that picture! It's hot here too, but not as hot as you have it.
Bummer about the crown. :(


I love how you have nothing to blog about yet you have done more in a short time than most do in a lifetime. I have a friend who I check on everyday and i say, "What are you going to do today?" "Oh...I' have to vacuum." YI YI YI! Re: bruise...probably they didn't ask because as medical professionals they are obligated to report domestic violence if that were the case and it would mess up their day.

beemommy said...

Oh well....summer just sucks the living breath out of you, doesn't it. I'm right there with you on the tooth thing (bless my heart)and actually have had to take to drinking my beer....wait for it...with a straw! (Upper left rear molar has decided it doesn't "like" cold stuff.) I do make a dashing drinker, I think though. We are sleeping downstairs as the upstairs central unit has decided twenty years is long enough. Sleeping in our office or what hopefully someday will be Alex's bedroom. Looking for a teaching position every day...on the positive side though....Alex is doing better. I get to talk to him Saturday morning, first conversation since going to the new and so far so good RTC. I'm sweating a lot so I can eat ice cream and it doesn't matter. Hand-feeding the deer is fun. Reading is even better. But, missing my 'Lando housemates is not cool. Glad to hear Boy #1 is transitioning well. Sorry about the Guinea pig...they don't live very long like most small mammals.
Hope your summer gets better.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

A doctor should definitely be asking. :(
Summer is flying by way too fast. Took a vacation, spent time in the WY hay field. Now hanging out with my son while he heals from a tonsillectomy. Once he is back on his feet I will head west again. I have LOTS of painting I want to get done before the hay is up for the season.
The heat here is stifling also. :(