Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Does ANYTHING surprise me?

why why why??? do I continue to be surprised at anything that happens when it comes to *fostercare/dfacs*? Am I really that dense? (don't answer that)
At this point, I should not be surprised, should not lift an eyebrow, if a 1 ton giant purple people eater pulled up in a giant pink choo choo train and said aliens were here to pick up a child to take it back to it's mother on the planet EverywomansAgoodMom&drugFree. I should just hand the child to them, shut the door and go about my business.
So why does it surprise me when the anonymous person hired to transport a child to visit their parent, brings the child home from a visit and tells me "dfacs*" is going to start ^transitioning^ said child back to their parent in 4 days??? Should I be surprised? upset? mad? feeling left out of say, an important issue? All the above, except maybe surprised?
Because really, who am I? I am the glorified babysitter. Right? What need have I of these paltry details? Oh, you think I have a life? That some of these details might impact some insignificant plans I may have?
Or maybe I'm just P.O'd that someone who has nothing to do with the care & wellbeing of this child knows more than I do when it comes to knowing what's going on in this case. I mean with all the nonexistant communication that goes on between #SW* & ^fosterparent*
The purple people eater I can take. But dang, it takes 1 minute to send an email. 5 to make a call. I don't get it.


Mari said...

Grrr - and these are the people in charge of kids who already have enough against them!

roztime said...

Yeah. That's just ridiculous. And while you know it already, it's worth repeating that you are definitely NOT a glorified babysitter.

You don't get paid as much.

;) Keep up the good fight, you're doing SUCH good things for these kids!!

Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

oh my-- that would upset me...!~!~!!!
i have some great case managers...perhaps we are just so lucky in this county

MamaFoster said...