Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Sit We wait...the usual

After a FTM*familyteameeting, I found out more about the Bitsy situation.
Really, the bottom line is the Same Ole Stuff, different cast of characters.
Drugs/poverty/ignorance/pure old de nastiness & them seeing nothing wrong with any of it.
( I know I'm a little blunt at times, but it gets the point across)
Greatgrandma was there & upset that no one directed questions her way. She didn't seem to understand this was about mama getting baby back and all that entails. I guess she thought it would be about her getting the girl.
Bottom line...lots of work to do on everyone's part and Bitsy will be here til that happens and always that's anybody's guess.
Bitsy is super intelligent given her circumstances and loves going to daycare which is a learning center. Hopefully this will give a little boost in the right direction.
I'm sure there will be more Bitsy stories to come.


Mari said...

It has to be really frustrating to see this repeated with a new cast of characters. Bless you for being there!

Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

i know what you mean...same ole same ole...

well Im getting new baby brother!! ive never had a new born!! youngest was 4 mo....
Im SO EXCITED to love on him.

good luck with sweet bitsy!! my three year old is finally 24 lbs!! which is good and starting to fill out his 2t clothes... she sounds sweet.

Kath said...

What a blessing for Bitsy to get a home with you!! That is so sad for a 3.5 yrs old to be that size.

Enjoy the 75* temps!! i just wish I could join in on it!! :)

Anonymous said...

For such a bad show, it seems to be playing everywhere. Unfortunately there is a large pool of people to "play" these characters.

roztime said...

Heh, I like your honesty. I would like a yakbak (remember those?) with the first three sentences for whenever I'm asked about the stories behind the kids (any I've worked with, really).
Also, squee for little girls - dressing them up has to be my favourite pastime.

I need a life.