Monday, February 21, 2011

She Came in the Usual Way

You know..the call that comes at 2:00 in the morning.
(Why these people can't do their drugs&other-elicit-activities during business hours is beyond me)
After many phone calls & one for good measure just to make sure I couldn't come to the police*station to pick her up, she showed up on my door step. Just her, the SW* & a white teddy bear given to her at the station. She of course was dead asleep.And only had the dirty clothes on her back.
After the usual chitchat with the SW*, I find out every member of the family has a felony* wrap sheet except 85 yr oldGreatgrandma!Who wants her and went to the 24*hr court* hearing. Yes, I do believe every effort should be made to keep the kids with family, but 85? I do not want to be raising 3 yr olds when I'm 85...just for the record.
She is adorable and waaaaaaay tiny for her age, and shall henceforth be called BITSY. I put her on a scale because I could not believe a child her age (which is bordering on 3.5)weighed so little. By the way she is 19 lbs and wears 18 months! Can you comprehend it??

More tomorrow on the Bitsy-girl. The Boy is not feeling well. We're on week 2 of this virus-y thing.


~Liz~ said...

Always heartbreaking to put a face to the way-too-many-kids that we know it's happening to...but how good for her that she gets to be loved and well cared for, even if it's temporary. I am praying for Bitsy and hope that she adjusts well and gets a better chance at the childhood she deserves. Bless you for opening your door.

Mari said...

I'm glad Bitsy got placed with such a great family. Hard to believe she is that little. She obviously needs some love and care.
Hope the boy is soon feeling better.

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

So incredibly tiny! And no 85 yo can realistically handle a 3 yo. I could see where visits could be ordered so that she is still involved in her life.


I hope they are documenting this babes failure to thrive?