Monday, October 25, 2010


(BAD) EDICATE & MANNERS are one of my pet peeves.
Now I understand not knowing edicate for every single situation you may find yourself in. But come on, follow the lead of the other people around you. Very elementary. Right? Or maybe I'm just anal.
When sitting in a Do Jong (taekwondo school) it is quiet, very quiet, except for the teacher. Who is giving instruction. You know, the thing we PAY him so much to do.
But there is always ONE or maybe two annoying mothers in the do jong that drives me batty. I take a book to read, so as not to kill their offspring who are rude or may accidentally hit my baby.
Today THE LOUD WOMAN who wants you to hear her cell phone conversations almost drove me over the edge. She was talking soooo loud that when I stepped outside I could actually STILL hear her talking. Now I don't know this woman's name.BUT, I can tell you almost anything you want to know about her or her family or the wayward women in the church where she goes. In today's conversation, she was telling her friend Cindy she was not going to be buying her child a Christmas present because it's best to invest in experiences instead of "things". If you're interested she's taking him to his grandmother's house for Christmas, but not telling him til Christmas morning. She thinks he will love it. AND there's a family in the church that is taking their children trick or treating. I think their salvation was called into question a few times and the kids will be warped/possessed for life because of it.
She and her husband aren't getting along very well at the moment either. And homeschooling isn't working out well for her, but she's got to keep it up anyway.
There is a time and place for everything. If you talk really loud or wear your shoes on the taekwondo mat.
I will blog about how ignorant you are. I'm not paying all this money to listen to you talk at the top of your voice, while your rude children are keeping my boy from learning.
OK, rant over. Not like they'll ever see this. But I feel so much better :)


Mari said...

Some people! Glad you feel better. You gave me a laugh, so I'm feeling good too.

Mothering4Money said...

I'm surprised they haven't put up a No Cell Phone sign in the place. Maybe you could make one and tape it near where she sits?

D said...

Great idea! I'm doing it! If I can slip it past master bruce, he hates hurting anyones feelings