Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let's talk Sinus'

My husband had sinus infections for years. He had one at least every other month.
Finally he had to have sinus surgery a few years ago. (it's a very miserable surgery, by the way) But lo & behold about a year after the surgery he started having them again. There was no way he was going to go through the surgery again. So the ENT dr said he needed to try a Neti-pot. He wasn't so sure to begin with, but would rather try that than have infections all the time or forbid, another surgery.
He has religiously used a neti-pot twice a day or at least once a day for years now.
He can't go without it. And I can tell you he only has about one sinus infection a year, if that. It really has made that much difference in the number of infections he has.
I asked the ENT why more people didn't use these and he said he always recommends them but most people are put off by putting water up their noses. Personally, I think I'd rather do that than feel like I'm dieing from a sinus infection or have sinus surgery.
He said it was also good for people with pollen allergies. You can wash all the wonderful pollen out, when our beautiful southern trees and flowers bloom.
I asked my husband if I could take a picture of him doing the neti-pot...he just looked at me like I'd lost my mind. After 22 years, I think that means NO!
So you get to look at the bottles instead. It really is easy and it really does make a difference.
WaterPic even has two different ways to do it.
Squeeze Bottle- allows you to customize the amount of water flow for a complete cleanse, simply with an easy squeeze. The SoftSeal™ nozzle maximizes comfort and the One-Way FlowControl™ valve prevents backflow to maintain solution purity.

Neti Bottle- a unique approach to the traditional neti pot; its ergonomic shape, SoftSeal™ nozzle and One-Touch FlowControl™ valve make the Neti Bottle easy to hold, comfortable against your nose and creates a controlled gravity-fed water flow that provides a gentle sinus cleansing.

Even better, all SinuSense™ products are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe and safe for everyday use, even for children ages 4 and up. Now everyone in your family can breathe easier- and cleaner!


Mari said...

I'll have to check this out. I have allergies and get the occasional sinus infection. It would be worth it for me!

Jen said...

Neti is so easy. Your husband would agree :) A caveat for "squirt" bottle users.. the water can remain locked inside instead of draining out right through as in neti. Neti gives a flushed feel like nothing else. Newbie's don't have to think it's too difficult. I saw some great FAqs here that got me started:
Just love my neti pot to this day!