Saturday, August 07, 2010


I'm a B*t*h!
I'm sure plenty of people could have & would have told him that.
It seems one of the babies daddy stopped visiting because I had the audacity to tell him the baby could not ride a four wheeler with no helmet or other protection AND there could be no people at the visit who were not approved by the court. I am so mean, you just would not believe it. I've been known to kick dogs too. (who puts a baby on a 4 wheeler and says, "here, push this button"?)
He stopped showing up for visits about a month ago. Here, it's miss 3 visits and your out. When asked by the @birthmother why he stopped going, he told her I was, well, what I was. And that the courts were just going to take his rights away anyway, so he'd just get a head start on it.

I guess it would be fair if I called him an idiot.


StarfishMom said...

Ok, so, I've never asked how many 'placements' you have right now and what's their story?? What state are you in? Here in NY we have 15 months of visits before possible TPR.
And yes, he IS an idiot!

Mothering4Money said...

Can't tell ya how many times I've been called that. Now at least I know I'm in good company. ;)

Diane said...

Just so you know, it is fairly common, unfortunately for foster parents to be called names behind their backs and to their faces if the bio parent is bold enough. They know that their kids are going to be raised by someone else other than them and they are jealous. It took me a long time to feel sympathy for the biological mom of my foster daughter after she was terminated, but, after all, she did have every opportunity in the world, with the aid of DCFS, to put her life together and prove that she could take care of her kids. She had a bad background and I guess it just wasn't something she could pull together, so her rights were terminated. She has said some pretty awful things about me over the years (our case has taken 4 years)and it is definitely hard to listen to someone who can't or won't take care of their own kids call you names just because you are able to take care of them. I just try to keep in mind that many of these parents come from dysfunctional backgrounds themselves and that is what gets me through the tough times when I'm being called a name or being put down.
We all just have to hang in there. In my case I know that my foster daughter has a better chance at growing up a decent, moral, productive, person with our family than she did with her own. So I guess I'll just stomach the name calling as long as I know that the right thing is being done for my foster daughter.
Oh, and D, I just wanted to say you really souldn't go around kicking those dogs anymore! lol.