Friday, August 20, 2010

Just when I thought IT was over

I'm not real sure why I thought it would never happen again. I think I was prepared for people to think I was his grandma. I got that some when he was a baby. I was only 40 when he was born...not too old to have a baby, right? Although I am a *MeMe. My grandson is 6 months older than the Boy.
I guess I thought all ignorance was erased from the world or something. Evidently some assuming has been going on at the Boy's taekwondo* class. The parents kinda know we are foster parents, they've seen the babies that obviously are not of our genetics. So OK, no big deal.
Tonight, some lady I think I've said HI to twice sits down and says,"What's your son's name?" I said D@v!d. She said,"oh, is he yours or *adopted?" I was kind of dumb founded. Because believe it or not, I just think of him as my boy. When he runs to me and says I love you mommy. I don't think, oh wow, he's *adopted, I wish I were his mommy. Damn it, I am his mommy. Look up the definition of mother and I'm pretty sure you'll find me there. I looked at her and gave her my most deadpan look and said "both". The Boy's daddy was on the other side squeezing my hand, hoping like crazy that's all I'd say.
She went on to tell me, one of the older girls there was %adopted thru ^fostercare* and it was funny because everybody thought the man who brought her to taekwndo* was her dad, but was really only her ^foster dad who ^adopted her.
Need I say, that everyone who reads my blog knows I'm kinda straight forward, I don't beat around the bush. I say what I mean & mean what I say.
My husband was hanging onto my hand for dear life by this point.
BUT, people...I smiled and only said,"I bet she thinks he's her dad too".
And then she didn't say anything else to me.
I wonder if I offended her?
It's one thing if I share our story with you. It's not OK for you to start a conversation with your assumptions. If you're curious about @adoption, ask about @doption. Do not question if my son is my son.

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Kellie with an "ie" said...

I hope the small-minded busy body learned something from your conversation.