Thursday, July 23, 2009


(I'm the Tiger, The Boy is ...well the Boy)

Why am I sooooo happy?

The Boy has gone TWO (2) whole days without any "potty accidents".

With the girls, it was no big deal. At age 2, I said "here's a potty, now you pee & poop in it"
And they did.

We've been at this for at least 6 months and he just wasn't interested. Buying big boy underwear with a "hole" in the front seems to have captured his attention. Being a boy ( I guess) it is cause to pee out of the hole at any and all times. Sometimes he has a dry run, just because he wants to use the hole. I'm sure 90% of it was he just got it. But I'm sure those alligator underwear with the hole played a good 10% of it. I will buy 10 more pairs of alligator underwear with a hole in the front, if it means this Boy will be fully potty trained by the time he starts Pre-K in Sept & most importantly for the Disney cruise (kidding...I'm tired of buying pull ups and diapers)
We go through hundreds of diapers a month when you throw in 2 foster babies. $$$$$
For the record, we look just like those two at the top of the page every time he goes potty.
I have no shame.


Anonymous said...

Thats so great.We are thrilled to be in the same boat with our little on,its so nice to have more freedom. I closed my blog,just got bored with it.But I will be keeping up with all my web friends,and you can email me anytime.Esp. If you hear of any foster to adopt or adoption situations.Thanks,whoohoo David!Jill-lovingmyamazinglife

Kellie with an "ie" said...

What a BIG boy! Doing the Happy Dance on your behalf. And wow - I've watched the cruise countdown clock on your blog for a really long time and can't believe that you are just 3 1/2 months from deprature. Time flies!

The Brothers said...

Thanks for the up-date on LMAL - I was wondering if the prior fosters forced them into hiding :)