Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Is Quiet on the home front

for now.
It's just Baby K & us.
The boy sure is a big guy. At his 6 month ck up he weighed 20 lbs 9 oz & 27 inches long! It's all I can do to carry him. His brother we had a few years back was a tall boy, just not as chunky!
It looks like he will have a baby brother some time in September. Since mom has already lost one to the system, they will only run a 6 month concurrent plan.He's been in care for over 2 months now and she's not working her case plan. With another on the way in 4 months. Looks like TPR for this soon to be duo. I'm not sure there will be too many people jumping at the chance to have 2 babies under 1 yr old though. That's alot of work! But he is such a good baby. It's almost like he's not even here. He wants to be fed and changed & put in the floor to play.
The Boy misses Baby Weepy more than I thought he would. He asked me why Baby K couldn't chase him around the house like Baby Weepy did. I've been told they are doing well in their new placement. Baby Weepy is sick again with yet another ear infection after his teeth surgery. It seems some of the infection from the teeth got washed back up into the ear canals. I'm afraid he will be a sickly little boy for awhile. I pray for a wonderful family for those two. God knows they deserve it. I don't feel they should go back to the family member who wants them, because that track record is almost as bad as bmom's.
Here's hoping for a nice quiet summer around here. I can sure use it.
I'm still thinking seriously about a private agency, as the county is getting worse by the second. Our foster parents are dropping out like flys.


Corrine said...

Just popped by your blog, D.

Your a brave woman. I can't wait to keep following!

Good luck, and be well!

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

I hate to hear baby weepy is still getting sick,I hope theirs other options for him somewhere.Our County is having alot of issues too,alot of new laws and rules they have to follow,and the new computer tracking system they put in is slowing everything down alot.Thanks for the Court day advice on my blog,I understand why your not telling David,we feel similar,their too young to understand it,and I don't want a constant reminder on her head thats shes "different". We def. want to adopt again, so keep me posted about your little one please.Email me if you want.Glad things are calm their for you,and the weather has been so nice too.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

I am so glad things have settled down a little bit in your corner of the world, and that Baby Weepy and sibling are doing well in their new placement.