Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I think I have some good news!

I think I have good news, but I'm not sure? Only with DFACS/adoption is this quandry understood!
Big G boy's social worker came over last night and said the only thing holding up the adoption was the finger prints from the forgotten 18 yr old in our house. But those are to be done by "LIVE SCAN" and relativly new piece of techie stuff, and runs your finger prints in "real time" thru all the FBI files. supposedly takes about 15-30 minutes to get the results instead of the usual 6-10 WEEKS, if they are not behind schedule. (it took 5 months for them to come back for our foster care clearance!) So she was saying IF the finger prints come back AND results get emailed to her that day, and IF she can submit them with our already put together packet the following day, MAYBE the adoption papers can be signed before the end of November. BUT OF COURSE there are all those pesky holidays in there to contend with. Oh, like Thurs and Friday is a holiday for DFACS, but she's put in to be off Wed before thanksgiving and the following MONDAY! Soooo, if the moon and stars alighn perfectly, no glitch in the paper work and GOD comes down and MAKES THEM sign them, it might just happen!
I told her to play up the fact that November is National Adoption month, and wouldn't it be SO COOL, if they could brag on how many adoption this county got done in November! Since they have about 9 coming up in the next couple of weeks, let make it 10!
But keep us in your prayers. this is mentally taxing . and we haven't even had to worry about birth parent visits, ect, ect, since he was abandoned with no father they could find. All in all we've had a pretty easy time in that dept. but we just want it over. So no one can tell us what we can and can't do with our son.
I promise when this is over, I'm going to post the biggest picture ever on here, and you will fall in love with this boy, he's so cute you could just pinch his chubby checks, which I do!


Anonymous said...

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Lovingmyamazinglife said...

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Anita said...

Praying it's final b/4 the months end, I want to see that PIC!

Anita said...
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